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Kimchi-Crab Fried Rice

Oh kimchi, how I love thee! You make everything you touch taste so amazing with your umami, briny self. I love you hot or cold, but I especially love the magic you bring to fried rice. Thank you for being you.  I should probably be a little bit embarrassed about the little love note above. […]

Delicious Zucchini No-Meat Meatballs

Sometimes I feel a hankering for meatballs, but I don’t want to eat actual meat or even a meat substitute. I just want to eat my pasta topped with something filling, delicious, and veggie-based. I mean, I like a big bowl of pasta topped with sauce and veggies as much as the next guy, but […]

California Roll Burrito

California rolls are one of those foods that never gets old, no matter how many times you have eaten them in your life. They’re incredibly simple and un-fussy, and somehow just seem to make you smile – at least until you notice you’re on your last piece. That’s when the wistfulness sets in for me.  […]

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