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Ramen Eggs (Atijsuke Tamago)

Let’s get this right out in the open. I am an egg fanatic. I love fried eggs, boiled eggs, poached eggs, scrambled eggs, sunny side-up eggs. I think nearly everything tastes better topped with an egg. But there’s one kind of egg in a class of its own: ramen eggs. Holy moly. 

Ramen eggs are firm and umami on the outside, and the yolk is jammy and flavorful on the inside. They are savory, but sweet, and make a bowl of ramen next-level delicious. They’re easy to make and great to have around for a quick snack. 


6 eggs

1 c. water

½  c. mirin

½ c. soy sauce

½ c. sake

¼ c. sugar

Splash of vinegar

Heat the water, soy sauce, sake, mirin and sugar over medium heat in a saucepan until the sugar dissolves. Mix and set aside to cool.

Put enough water in a saucepan so that the eggs will be covered. Add a little vinegar to the water. Bring to a boil and lower the heat to medium. Add the eggs carefully into the water. Place a lid on the pot and simmer for 6 minutes. 

When the time is up, remove the eggs from the heat and immediately place them in a bowl of ice water for 10 minutes. Crack the eggs and peel carefully. They will not be easy to peel, so go slowly.

Place the eggs in an airtight container and cover in marinade. Refrigerate overnight. Slice in half and warm in hot ramen broth to warm.

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