Kimchi-Crab Fried Rice

Oh kimchi, how I love thee! You make everything you touch taste so amazing with your umami, briny self. I love you hot or cold, but I especially love the magic you bring to fried rice. Thank you for being you. 

I should probably be a little bit embarrassed about the little love note above. I mean, who writes love notes to food? Me, that’s who!

But seriously, kimchi in fried rice is heavenly . . . and even more so with crab added into the mix. Next time you’re craving fried rice, don’t go with the ol’ boring version. Kick up with kimchi and you’ll be a lifelong fan. You might even start writing your own kimchi love notes. 


2 c. cooked jasmine rice 

1 Tbsp. olive oil

1 c. kimchi

¼ c. kimchi brine

2 tsp. gochujang 

2-3 tsp. soy sauce

2 tsp. toasted sesame oil

1 c. crab or imitation crab

2 eggs, beaten.

2 green onions, sliced 

Cook rice according to package directions. Place in a bowl and mix with sesame oil thoroughly. 

Mix together kimchi brine, gochujang and soy sauce in a bowl.

Heat olive oil over medium high heat in a large skillet. Cook kimchi for a few minutes until it is fragrant. Add in the crab and heat through. Then, add rice and mix together quickly. Move everything aside in the skillet and quickly scramble the eggs. Then, add the sauce and make sure you mix together all of the ingredients.

Serve hot!

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